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We Hope You Enjoyed The Process & Business Improvement Conference! Why Not Take A Look At Our Sister Event, The Natural & Sustainable Consumer Trends Conference

Respond To Sustainable, Natural & Health Consumer Trends! Compelling Marketing, Comms & Product Strategies Which Capitalise On The Latest & Evolving Insights To Ensure Your Brand Appeal

19 Marketing, Communications, Innovation, Sustainability & CSR Professionals Share Eye-Opening Insights To Tap Into The Latest Trends, Expectations & Purchasing Habits Of The Natural, Sustainable & Health Conscious Consumer: Capture Audience Attention, Enhance Sales & Boost Brand Engagement!

  1. Unlocking Consumer Trends & Perceptions Of Natural, Sustainable & Heath: Exploring the shift to green, healthy and natural purchasing behaviours which are revolutionising the market
  2. Cultivating Sustainable Brand Images: Shout about green-friendly initiatives and successes to boost your sustainability credentials and appeal to increasingly eco-conscious consumers
  3. Marketing The ‘Natural’ Trend: Determining exactly what consumers, the industry and regulators perceive as natural to ensure your brand is correctly positioned and driving sales
  4. Plastics, Packaging & The Alternatives: Cut through the noise to communicate with your consumer about the complexities of the packaging and recycling debate
  5. But How Much Are Customers Actually Willing To Pay? Balancing the demand for lower-cost products with the premium price tag attached to green products
  6. Ensuring & Communicating Sustainability Throughout Entire Supply Chains: Source and substantiate your ingredients and raw materials sustainably – then communicate it on pack!
  7. Health Trends: Mind, Body & Soul: From plant-based to mindfulness to free-from, identify the leading health-conscious consumer decisions to expose the current fads, misconceptions and drivers
  8. 360⁰ Product Transparency: Manufacturing, Waste & Carbon Footprint: Transparently reduce your overall, end-to-end environmental impact from manufacturing to delivery and disposal
  9. Regulations, Labelling & Claims: Keeping up with government guidelines and regulations for compliant and ethically-sound product development and marketing
  10. Stand-Out Stakeholder Communications: Showcase your brands’ sustainability successes

PLUS! This Natural & Sustainable Consumer Trends Conference Features:

    • 19 Cross-Sector Speakers From Industry-Leading Brands
    • 3 Interactive Panel Discussion & Open Q&A’s: Powerful Consumer Trends, Health: Mind, Body & Soul And Stakeholder Communication
    • 1 Affordable, Inspiring Day!
    • 4 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions: A) CSR & Global Citizenship, B) Fast Fashion, C) Vegan, D) Organic
    • Uniquely Focused On Natural & Sustainable Consumer Trends
    • Customer Focused View